Sunday, October 28, 2012

FDA Clears Eisai’s Epilepsy Drug Fycompa

We know that, Fycompa (see structure, perampanel) is a selective, non-competitive AMPA receptor antagonist discovered by the research teams at Eisai laboratories. The development of an AMPA antagonist compound with a favourable pharmacokinetic and safety profile arose after the AMPA receptor was identified as a promising target for drug development. The AMPA receptor is widely present in almost all excitatory neurons. It is believed to play a role in a large number of central nervous system diseases with similar neuropathology.

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Chris Morton said...

Fycompa is now available, and approved by FDA for those with partial-onset seizures. However, according to it's not for everyone. It has not been approved for those under 12, and can have psychological side effects.