Monday, March 15, 2010

Eprotirome a promising addition to statin therapy ?

People with bad cholesterol have  risk of  future heart disease,  despite  cholesterol-lowering statin therapy. Now researchers from  Johns Hopkins have come up with interesting finding i.e.,  a drug that mimics the action of thyroid hormone [Eprotirome (new generic name for KB2115) structure source : chemBlink)  lowered cholesterol up to 32 percent in those already on statins, an effect equal to that expected from doubling the statin drug doses, without harmful side effects. 

Interestingly, the researchers caution that the results don't suggest that eprotirome will or should replace statins, which are the current gold standard for treating high LDL cholesterol.

However, the results of their small trial on 168 patients do suggest that eprotirome may eventually be a promising addition to statin therapy, a substitute for statins in people who can't tolerate their side effects, or a novel treatment for mixed dyslipidemia, a condition in which people have high levels of lipids other than cholesterol such as triglycerides or apolipoprotein B (apo B).

The researchers found that among the patients taking the 25, 50 or 100 mg doses of eprotirome reduced their LDL cholesterol levels by 22 percent, 28 percent, and 32 percent respectively, compared to only 6.5 percent in those taking placebo. Remarkably, they also found similar dose-related reductions in triglycerides, apo B, and Lp(a). They also found modest reductions in HDL cholesterol of approximately 3 percent.

As per the claim by the lead researcher Dr. Paul W. Ladenson,   'this drug represents a new class of medications that might offer hope to those at risk of future cardiovascular disease whose lipid profiles are not effectively altered with statin therapy, and perhaps for about a quarter of those who have tried statins but cannot tolerate their side effects'. Dr. Ladenson is a consultant to Karo Bio, maker of eprotirome.......

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