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Monday, December 6, 2010

New malaria drug Artesunate, can save millions of lives....

A landmark trial (AQUAMAT trial) showed that the replacement of the standard malaria drug Quinine with the newer drug Artesunate (Artesunate contains artemisinin, which was discovered by a Chinese researcher in 1972 in a project to follow up advice found in ancient Chinese medicine : see structure) for children with severe malaria could save 100,000 lives a year. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended that artesunate derived from a Chinese plant called sweet wormwood, replace the four-century-old remedy of quinine for treating severe malaria in adults in 2006. Similar recommendations were not made for children with further trial results pending.
The trial shows that using artesunate reduced death from severe falciparum malaria among African children by 22.5 per cent compared to quinine. The trial spanned over nine African countries, in which 5,425 badly-infected children aged under 15 were given either artesunate or quinine. There were 230 deaths (8.5 percent) in the artesunate group and 297 deaths (11 percent) in the quinine group, the study authors reported. Artesunate was better tolerated than quinine. There was a lower risk of coma or convulsion or serious dropping of blood sugar as occurred with quinine. Hope this trial (a change in treatment policy from quinine to artesunate) will lead to a solution for severe malaria (most common admission diagnosis in febrile children) and can save thousands of children's lives…...

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