Saturday, April 10, 2010

UT Southwestern researchers find clues to TB drug resistance.....

In continuation of my update on TB and its challenges...

Now researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, have come up with some interesting info. i.e.,  a type of blood pressure medication shows promise at overcoming some drug-resistant tuberculosis, at least in the laboratory

Dr. Gumbo (lead researcher) and his colleagues used an experimental apparatus to simulate the way TB bacteria grow in the human lung. When they exposed the bacteria to drugs commonly used to treat the disease (ethambutol and isoniazid),  the bacterial cells activated a cellular mechanism that pumps each drug out of the cells. 
"The pumping action enables the rapid emergence of high-level resistance to the drugs whether administered together as well as individually, Dr. Gumbo said".
As per the claim by the researchers, resistance was drastically reduced  when the researchers gave the blood-pressure drug reserpine – which is known to block this pumping action – to the TB cells before administering ethambutol and isoniazid.

Researchers now want to test all the first-line drug treatments together with the pump blocker in humans. Hope they will come up with positive results.....
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