Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Electrode Material for (Lithium-Ion Batteries) Better Performance ......

Everything nanotech.....its really interesting, now its the turn of Lithium-Ion batteries. Rice University researchers lead by Pulickel Ajayan, have achieved this significant milestone. With increasing demand for battery technology high on the list of priorities in a world demanding electric cars and gadgets that last longer between charges, such innovations are key to the future. This research wherein 'nanotubes were grown to look – and act – like the coaxial conducting lines used in cables. The coax tubes consisted of a manganese oxide shell and a highly conductive nanotube core.

The researchers put in two materials – the nanotube, which is highly electrically conducting and can also absorb lithium, and the manganese oxide, which has very high capacity but poor electrical conductivity, but combined together one get something interesting. And there by one can enhance the number of charge/discharge cycles, with a larger capacity.

The most significance of this research, is the coaxial cable design of these materials that offers improved performance as electrodes for lithium batteries over the other combination. Though further study is essential to substantiate the claim. Its a good beginning..

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