Friday, December 30, 2011

Lostartan can reduce cigarette smoke-induced lung injury

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, BaltimoreLostartan, lead by have found that, Dr.Enid R. Neptune Losartan a drug used widely in the clinic (e.g., to treat high blood pressure), reduced lung disease in mice caused by exposure to cigarette smoke. Losartan blocks the protein angiotensin receptor type 1, and its effects on cigarette smoke-induced lung injury were a result of the fact that blocking angiotensin receptor type 1 leads to a decrease in levels of the soluble molecule TGF-beta. The authors therefore suggest that other TGF-beta-targeted therapeutics might also be viable candidates for the treatment of  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD....

Ref :[article_text]=&search[authors_text]=Enid+Neptune

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