Monday, August 1, 2011

Ivabradine also effective in reducing the risk of diastolic heart failure..

Researchers from the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) have come up with the new findings about the drug,  ivabradine (see structure). Researchers claim that,  a heart rate reduction medication, is also effective in reducing the risk of diastolic heart failure (left ventricular insufficiency) and cardiac fibrosis.

As per the claim by the researchers Ivabradine, reduces Diastolic Dysfunction and Cardiac Fibrosis. The study was conducted on rabbits given a standard diet, a cholesterol-enriched diet or a cholesterol-enriched diet with ivabradine. Researchers found  that apart from improving the myocardial performance index, ivabradine greatly improved left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in animals receiving a cholesterol-enriched diet. Ivabradine also reduced fibrosis of the heart chambers adds the researchers.

According to Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, Director of the MHI Research Centre and professor of medicine at the Universit- de Montr-al, 

"The effectiveness of ivabradine in treating angina pectoris is now well known. However, few treatments are available to patients with diastolic heart failure. The beneficial effects of ivabradine demonstrated in laboratory suggest that this course of treatment should be further investigated." Clinical studies with subjects are expected to follow..........

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