Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alternative therapy ?

This is my off the  subject topic, but some how felt interested to share with. As a chemist and science student  still,  I have  many doubts about this  therapy i.e., "past-life therapy".

Now a days, many  Indian TV channels [as for as my knowledge goes NDTv (Hindi),  Kasturi and TV9 (both in Kannada)] have started programs  about this therapy. Most of the persons having been treated by this therapy claimed that,   they have been able to get solutions to the problems they have faced for many months/years.  Out of curiosity, I tried to know about Reiki and other alternative therapies, but  to  my surprise there is no scientific evidence  (1 & 2) for reiki (a systematic review of randomized clinical trials conducted in 2008 did not support the efficacy of reiki or its recommendation for use in the treatment of any condition).

Recently, TV9 has an interview with a doctor (a neurosurgeon), a psychologist and Sri. Balakrishna Guruji of SOMBO. Though the discussion was inconclusive, Guruji, referred to a book by Dr. Brian Weiss titled  "Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient and the Past-life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives.

This book is all about Dr. Brian Weiss's (traditional psychotherapist - presently Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami) experience in treating his patient Catherine. For 18 months, Dr. Weiss used conventional methods of treatment to help Catherine overcome her traumas. When nothing seemed to work, he tried hypnosis, which, he explains, “is an excellent tool to help a patient remember long-forgotten incidents" As per the claim by Dr.Weiss, it is just a state of focused concentration. Under the instruction of a trained hypnotist, the patient’s body relaxes, causing the memory to sharpen eliciting memories of long-forgotten traumas that were disrupting their lives.”

As a reviewer says "Dr. Weiss’s experience and Catherine’s transcendental knowledge might be awe inspiring to the Occidental, but to a Hindu, a Buddhist  these methods were followed traditionally and still being followed.

One reviewer  concludes like this : Many Lives, Many Masters makes for an unstoppable read and, like Dr. Weiss, we too realize that "life is more than meets the eye. Life goes beyond our five senses. Be receptive to new knowledge and to new experiences. Our task is to learn, to become God-like through knowledge."... ..............

In fact,  I was in dilemma whether or not publish this article, but read an article titled "Medical Students Supportive of Alternative Medicine" am publishing this...

Those interested reading his other books can visit the link  


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