Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lidocaine IV injection as pain killer after ambulatory surgery ?

We know that, Lidocaine or lignocaine is a common local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic drug. Lidocaine is used topically to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammations, injected as a dental anesthetic or as a local anesthetic for minor surgery.

Now researchers from University of Virginia, Charlottesville, have come up with interesting info about the same drug. As per the claim by the researchers low doses of lidocaine given intravenously can help to control pain after common ambulatory surgery procedures. Intravenous lidocaine may offer a safe, inexpensive, and effective option for improving pain control after minimally invasive or minor surgery, reports the new study led by Dr Danja S. Groves of University of Virginia, Charlottesville. The results are surprising, because local anesthetics such as lidocaine are usually injected close to the nerve to numb the area for surgery. Though the anestheas (higher dose) are toxic, previous studies have found that that IV lidocaine injection is safe in small doses. Though the mode of action and anti inflammatory activity are still to be expalined, is a good achievement...

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