Friday, December 4, 2009

CASD-NMR a boon to structure validation....

CASD-NMR(Critical Assessment of Automated Structure Determination) of Proteins is a rolling community-wide experiment involving developers of software tools / protocols for the automated calculation of protein structures from NMR data. The goal of CASD-NMR is to help advance the relevant methodology in order to reach the level of quality and reliability required for direct structure deposition in the PDB. CASD-NMR will also produce extensive data sets that will be useful to develop better methods for NMR structure validation. The more significance of this project is : In the future, automation in NMR will allow 'unsupervised' results to be accepted by the community as being correct and viable, ready for inclusion in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) straight away. The PDB is a database that stores macromolecular structural data that is freely and publicly available for further research.

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