Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anti-aging products from Schisandra Chinesis..

Schisandra (Magnolia Vine) is a genus of shrub commonly grown in gardens. Species include S. chinensis, S. glaucescens, S. rubriflora and S. rubrifolia. (picture right side : Schisandra Chinensis). In traditional Chinese medicine it is used as a remedy for many ailments: to resist infections, increase skin health, and combat insomnia, coughing, and thirst.

Recently, Glissandra Skincare Inc, announced the launch of three anti-aging products. As per the claim by the company, the key ingredient is Glissandrin,™ an exclusive suite of powerful extracts from the Schisandra berry (see above picture).

In both in-vitro and in-vivo studies, the proprietary Glissandrin formulation has proven effective in improving the visible signs of skin aging. Glissandrin does not change the cells, it nourishes them with a unique combination of natural ingredients and advanced technology, thereby supporting the healthiness of the skin cells and helping to sustain their natural ability to combat the leading causes of skin aging.

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Glissandra said...

Thank you for beginning a conversation on Schisandra berry and our anti-aging skincare products. We thought we'd take this opportunity to share some more information on the distinction between Schisandra and Glissandrin.

The key compounds in Glissandrin, (-) Schisandrin B and Schisandrin A, have their origins in
nature’s Schisandra berry – mainly two species, including Schisandra Chinensis and Schisandra
Sphenanthera. Concentrations in the original berries are minute and neither compound is water-
soluble; ground-up Schisandra berries, berry juice, or Schisandra extracts by ordinary methods
contain insignificant amounts of the key compounds to be beneficial to the skin. It is through
Glissandra’s proprietary extraction process that the anti-aging properties of the Schisandra berry
become absorbable by the skin. With more than 75 clinical trial subjects representing broad
ethnic diversity and sensitive skin types, our patented formulations are clinically tested for safety
and effectiveness.

Our proprietary extraction processes render (-) Schisandrin B and Schisandrin A in lipid soluble
forms (readily absorbed by skin), guaranteeing high degree of purity, desired level of biological
activity, and anti-aging efficacies (addressing the five leading causes of skin aging), while
preserving the original chemical identities of the natural compounds.

Scientists continue to discover new pharmacological properties of (-) Schisandrin B and
Schisandrin A. There are already over 100 research papers published by world-class research
institutions corroborating the anti-aging and other beneficial properties of these compounds.

For more information, we invite you to visit us at Alternatively, we would be happy to answer any inquiries sent to said...

Thanks for the details and the diff. betwn., Schisandra & Glissandrin and the details abt., the development of formulation. Hope all these details will benefit my blog followers too...