Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clinical Trial Confirms Single-Agent Efficacy of Rexin-G in Metastatic Pancreas Cancer...

Epeius Biotechnologies, confirms the first real breakthrough for pancreatic cancer seen in years; publishes a landmark report of tumor-targeted Rexin-G as stand-alone therapy in chemotherapy-resistant pancreatic cancer.

By meeting all primary and secondary study endpoints of safety and efficacy, Rexin-G has succeeded in an area of clinical oncology where many promising biologics have simply failed to deliver. By achieving both progression-free survival and overall survival benefits in pancreas cancer, while avoiding untoward systemic or dose-limiting toxicities, Rexin-G has raised the bar for the entire biopharmaceutical industry, as it inaugurates the emerging field of precision-targeted genetic medicine. The outstanding results of this advanced U.S. clinical trial confirm the results of previous preclinical and clinical studies conducted in the Philippines (where Rexin-G is approved for all solid tumors), and demonstrate beyond contestation that Rexin-G, at these effective dose levels, exhibits profound anti-tumor activity when administered as a single therapeutic agent in otherwise intractable Stage IV pancreatic cancer..

Interested one can see the mechanism of action ib this video.

Ref : http://www.epeiusbiotech.com/press-101409.asp

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