Monday, September 14, 2009

Lurasidone - positive results from phase 3 clinical trials !

I  read about this compound few months back, that it is one of  "atypical antipsychotic" drugs that are being tried and this drug has shown promising results in the phase II and is being studied clinically for phase III  by a Japanese company.  

As per the claims by the company 'Lurasidone,  blocks D2- and 5-HT2A-receptors and the advantage is it causes less extrapyramidal side effects than current antipsychotics.

Yes the phase 3 results are really interesting,  with Lurasidone 40 and 120 mg, taken once-daily, demonstrated significantly greater improvement versus placebo on the primary efficacy measure. A total of 53% of patients on lurasidone 40 mg/day and 47% of patients on lurasidone 120 mg/day demonstrated a 30% or more improvement on the PANSS total score from baseline versus 38% on placebo. Lurasidone was also well-tolerated with an overall discontinuation rate similar to placebo (40% vs. 39% placebo) and few adverse event-related discontinuations (9% for both the overall lurasidone group and placebo). Adverse events seen in the trial were generally mild.

Congrats for this achievement. 

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Med Chem said...

nice's a good achievment ..recently another compound has entered the clinical trial for the schizophrenia,
(mechanism of action is the inhibition of PDE10A)
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