Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aerosol delivery of antibiotics via nanoparticles !

These days we are hearing lots of news about "nano", I would say anything and everything is nano, now its the turn of drug delivery that too as "aerosol" form!. Though there were lots of research groups trying to do the nanoway, I think this is something really interesting. Carolyn L. Cannon, M.D., Ph.D. from Washington University School of Medicine, and colleagues from the Center for Silver Therapeutics Research at the University of Akron in OH investigated the efficacy of nanoparticle-encapsulated silver-based antibiotics for treating pulmonary infections in a mouse model of pneumonia.

Treatment with antibiotic-laden nanoparticles effectively eliminated respiratory infections in mice that had been inoculated with Pseudomona aeroginosa, a common bacterial species that often infects the respiratory tract in humans, particularly immunocompromised patients, ventilated patients or those with cystic fibrosis. Infected mice that inhaled aerosolized nanoparticles encapsulating silver carbene complexes (SCCs), a novel class of silver-based antimicrobials with broad-spectrum activity, showed a significant survival advantage over the control mice that received nanoparticles without the SCCs. The results are really interesting and even the half the dose is sufficient. Toxicity results are still to be done, however this is a good beginning and hope they will come up with interesting results in the near future...

Ref :http://www.thoracic.org/sections/publications/press-releases/conference/articles/2009/abstracts-and-press-releases/cannon.pdf

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