Sunday, September 2, 2012

Experimental drug tested against multi-drug resistant TB

"Researchers who tested a novel type of antibiotic against multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis [MDR-TB] are reporting that nearly half of patients who got the new drug cleared the bacteria from their lung fluid in two months," according to a study published  in the New England Journal of Medicine. Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka developed the experimental drug, delamanid (see structure), and "also designed and financed the clinical trial, which took place in 17 medical centers across nine countries." 

 "'We've invested a lot of time and money to develop this drug, but we are not seeking robust sales growth immediately,' Masuhiro Yoshitake, Otsuka's head of tuberculosis projects, said in an interview," Bloomberg Businessweek reports. "We want to begin selling to people who know how to use the drug," he added, the news service notes. "Doctors must balance the need to fight hard-to-treat cases against prolonging the medicine's potency,"

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Experimental drug tested against multi-drug resistant TB

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