Monday, July 30, 2012

Drug Combo Tackling Solid Tumors

Cancer Research UK's Drug Development Office has opened the first trial of a new drug combination in patients with advanced solid tumors and in a subset of patients who have non-small cell lung cancer. This trial will combine two compounds that aim to starve the tumors while simultaneously blocking cancer cell growth.

The study will take place across three UK hospitals. The Churchill Hospital, Oxford is the lead center. The trial of up to 48 patients will run in two stages. In the first stage patients with any solid tumor will each receive a drug called vandetanib (below left) and an investigational drug called selumetinib (right structure below)AZD6244, ARRY142886). In the second stage patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) will receive the combination.

This is the first time the compounds have been trialled together. It is hoped that combining these treatments will increase the number of cancer ‘weakspots’ targeted at the same time.

Chief investigator, Dr. Denis Talbot, consultant medical oncologist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and Cancer Research UK clinician at The University of Oxford, said: “Therapies for lung cancer often become ineffective because the disease becomes resistant to treatment, so we’re delighted to launch this trial to test a new approach that we hope will help people with this common disease.

“There is progress being made in the treatment of lung cancer but survival rates still remain low. This is because the majority of patients – up to two thirds – are diagnosed once the cancer has already spread to other organs when it’s more difficult to treat successfully.

 “We hope that this new approach may eventually contribute to increased survival for lung cancer patients.”

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