Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ingredient (Triclosan) in soap points toward new drugs for Toxoplasmosis !

We know that, Triclosan (see structure)  is an antibacterial ingredient in some soaps, toothpastes, odor-fighting socks, and even computer keyboards. Now researchers lead by Dr. Rima McLeod from The University of Chicago, have come up with interesting findings about this drug, i.e., triclosan's molecular structure can be used as  the model for developing other potential medications for toxoplasmosis. 

In the study, Rima McLeod and colleagues point out that toxoplasmosis is one of the world's most common parasitic infections (spread by the parasite Toxoplasma gondiiT. gondii), from contact with feces from infected cats, eating raw or undercooked meat, and in other ways. Many have no symptoms because their immune systems keep the infection under control and the parasite remains inactive. But it can cause eye damage and other problems, even becoming life threatening in individuals with immune systems weakened by certain medications and diseases like HIV infection, which allow the parasite to become active again, and in some persons without immune compromise. Most current treatments have some potentially harmful side effects and none of them attack the parasite in its inactive stage.

The scientists knew from past research that triclosan has a powerful effect in blocking the action of a key enzyme that T. gondii uses to live. As per the claim by the researchers, Triclosan, however, cannot be used as a medication because it does not dissolve in the blood, how ever  one can use triclosan's molecular structure as the model for developing other potential medications, including some that show promise as more effective treatments for the disease.  Hope this research will lead to a better drug than Triclosan without any carcinogenecity and many other side effects associated with this drug..

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