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The Revolutionary alkaline diet

I am really happy to share an interesting and important article on Alkaline Diet, by Emma Deangela, who has written exclusively for the readers/followers of my blog. I thank Emma for this info, on behalf of  all my blog readers. Its good to see many  authors /writers coming forward to share the knowledge through the social media like facebook/blog/twitter and hope this awareness will help those needy people....

Boost Your Healthy Simply by Alkalizing your Diet!

You've probably heard of alkalizing your body by now and how it will boost your health. But in order to fully appreciate how an alkaline body helps in our daily living, it is imperative to know the components of an alkaline diet and the importance of maintaining the pH of our body.

pH refers to the measure of acidity or basicity of a solution. More accurately, it pertains to the extent of dissociation of hydrogen ions of our body. If we consume the right types and amounts of nutrients and minerals conducive to our body's development, our body is able to maintain the right pH balance. But you may wonder for a moment what exactly are the 'right' nutrients and minerals? This is where alkaline diet comes into the picture.

The concept of alkaline diet is ultimately about foods that leaves an alkaline residue in our body after digestion. Our body's pH balance fluctuates with each intake of food, and in order to maintain it at the optimum pH, our body must have enough alkaline reserves which can only be obtained if we include at the minimum 80% of alkaline foods in our diet.

How do we classify foods into acidic or alkaline foods?

Chlorine, phosphorus and sulfur in food will probably give acidic residue after the food has been digested. Conversely, minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium found in food will leave an alkaline residue.

We should always bear in mind that all foods leave residue in our body after digestion. If you recall the food pyramid taught in Health education classes, meat and seafood, dairy products, alcoholic drinks, chemical sweeteners, sweets and chocolates, and even grains forms acidic residue! However, green leafy vegetables and fruits low in sugar contain organic aids and are full of alkaline goodness after digestion. So do remember to include a larger proportion of greens and fruits in your diet to maintain an alkaline pH in your body.

Why is it Important to Alkalize the Body?

People living in the modern society are plagued with many diseases and the growing number of sufferers far outstripped our ancestors? Why is such a scenario happening? It can be attributed to our diet which is heavily acidic. Foods that leaves a high content of acidic residues revolves in our circulatory system and are not rid of by our kidneys, lungs and bowels.

According to Dr Theodore Baroody, author of the critically acclaimed book "Alkalize or Diet", the reason for these diseases was due to excessive acidic residue in our body. Acidic mediums are conducive for the breeding of diet-related diseases, which will lead to death. When our body is deprived of the essential alkaline reserves, nutrients and minerals, excessive acids in our bloodstream may lead to slow poisoning of our body due to our diet which comprises of a high percentage of acidic foods. Excess acids will also weaken and in severe cases, damage our bodily functions and cellular actives such as respiration, digestion, hormone production and blood circulation.
Start with an Alkaline Diet Today!

If you are guilty of consuming acid-rich food, fret not. You can definitely reverse the situation through alkalizing your body today. We will be able to enjoy a new lease of energy if we maintain the pH balance in our body. On top of that, another benefit of the alkaline diet is to remove the acidic environment that serves as the breeding ground of acidic toxins which will over time result in an onslaught of diseases. Nutritionists and medical doctors recommends a daily consumption of at least five servings of vegetables and green foods which are highly alkaline.

Affluence and technology have resulted in an epidemic of diet-related diseases. However, there is no need to remain pessimistic. Instead of blindness pursuit of wealth and fame, which will come to naught without good health, why not change your health for the better starting today? We should all grab this opportunity and start incorporating the alkaline diet into our everyday life. It may be difficult to give up your favorite acidic foods at the start, but be assured that your efforts will pay off when you see your overall health being restored. Instead of consuming supplements and medicine, start with the root of the problem - diet. And the solution is to begin alkalizing your body by providing an alkaline environment for every cells and bodily functions in your body to thrive.

About the Author –Emma Deangela is one of the key authors for Alkaline Diet.  She loves to share her experience with her readers on tips to stay healthy, disease free, and how to lose weight the alkaline way. Her alkaline diet newsletter is available at Alkaline Diet, so if you would like to find out more about juicy alkaline diet tips and recipes do visit her blog.....

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