Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pazopanib for aggressive thyroid cancer.

There were lots of research groups involved in testing Pazopanib for diverse anticancer activity like "epithelial ovarian cancer, non small cell lung cancer and GSK was the key researcher and did try the phase III clinical trials in other cancer types, in Sept., 2008. Now thanx, Dr. Keith Bible, a medical oncologist and researcher who led the multicenter clinical trial funded by the National Cancer Institute, for this significant findings - cancer in about two-thirds of 37 patients with aggressive differentiated thyroid cancer treated with the drug pazopanib either stopped growing, or quickly shrank. And as per the conclusions : one-third of patients achieved sustained and dramatic benefit from pazopanib, while another one-third experienced stabilization of their cancer or some tumor shrinkage. The remaining one-third of patients did not benefit from the drug. The agent was also well tolerated by the majority of patients. Though further studies like - drug's effect on overall survival still to be established its a good beginning.

As per the authors conclusion majority of the patients with thyroid cancer respond well to surgery and to follow-up treatment with radioiodine; even if the cancer recurs and spreads, the disease progresses slowly in most patients. Many patients do well for a long time without the need of additional therapy. However, about 5 percent of these patients experience rapidly progressing life-threatening disease that is insensitive to radioiodine and other treatment approaches and for them this treatment will be a good one, the researchers claim. Congrats Dr. Bible and group..

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