Sunday, December 14, 2008

Does individual DNA genotype, has anything to do with rapid development of AIDS?

Yes, says Stephen O'Brien and colleagues from the National Cancer Institute in Frederick. By studying the time it took for the subjects to develop AIDS-related diseases and relating it to their genetic information, the team found that some mitochondrial DNA genotypes are associated with rapid development of AIDS. For example, subjects with specific sets of variations known as U5a1 and J haplogroups progressed to AIDS at twice the average rate of the studied population. In contrast, people with the H3 haplogroup progressed more than twice as slowly.

I am sure this research could go a longway in determining, when an individual should start HIV therapy (start HAART earlier than currently recommended) and also help the doctors choose the best combination of drugs.

Source :;jsessionid=JGPSvrMJKJ6LppdFfHJKwzpJG4HLsPDnnFnFxlgCXkPW0bp0bSVN!-595418120!181195629!8091!-1

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